Vacuum interrupter for vacuum contactor use HCJ5 1.14KV 1000A

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by Hubei Jucro Electric CO., LTD.

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HCJ5 1.14kv 1000A vacuum interrupter for vacuum contactor

1. Brief introduction

The interrupter adoption porcelain and ceramics makes to insulate the outer shell. Contact is WCCu metal alloy material advanced technique of adoption Including bulk small. Breaking the abiliting strong the life span is long, maintenanle is simple, no explosion dangerous, no contaminate and the noise is low. It is extensive to used for coal mine , chemical engineering, Petroleum metallurgy etc. department, more than keeping with at the multifarious operation with the bad place usage of environment.


Product Specifications

Vacuum Tube main technical parameter  

Rated voltage: 1.14 kv

Rated current: 1000 A

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