Vacuum interrupter for vacuum circuit breaker TD 12kv 1250A 25KA

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by Hubei Jucro Electric CO., LTD.

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Main technical parameters

Rated voltage: 12 KV

Rated current: 1250A

Rated power frequency withstand voltage: 42 KV

Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage: 75 KV

Rated short circuit breaking current: 25KA

Rated short circuit making current(peak value): 63KA

Breaking operations under rated short circuit breaking current: 30 times

Rated short time withstand current: 25KA

Rated withstand current(peak value): 63KA

Rated duration of short circuit: 4S

Mechanical life: 20,000 times

Closing force due to bellows and atmosphere: 120±50N

Force required to hold contacts opening at full stroke: 190±50N

Circuit resistance at lowest rated contacts force: 20μΩ

Storage life: 20 years

Limiting abrasion of contacts: 3 mm


Mechanical requiements of vacuum circuit breaker

Clearance between opening contacts: 11±1mm

Average opening speed(Contacts closing position~75% contacts opening distance): 1.1±0.2 m/s

Average closing speed(30% contacts opening distance~contacts closing position): 0.6±0.2 m/s

Rated contacts pressure: 2000±200N

Contacts bouncing duration at closing operation: ≤2ms

Contacts re-bouncing clearance at opening operation: ≤2mm

Synchronism of three phases: ≤1ms

Product Specifications

Main technical parameters

Rated voltage: 12 KV

Rated current: 1250A