PLC Data Via RS485 Serial Port to 433 MHz Wireless Network S280

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The Wireless GSM 3G RTU(Remote Terminal Unit) S280 is a cost effective remote terminal unit. It inbuilt quad band GSM/GPRS module (Or WCDMA/CDMA2000) , ISM Band 433Mhz Radio Frequency module, and ARM® Cortex™ 32 Bit RISC Core. It is a multi Isolation I/O port remote terminal unit and wireless data acquisition system.

The Wireless GSM 3G RTU S280 can be used for monitoring maximum 400 distributed I/O endpoints though maximum 50 wireless Data Acquisition Modules by RF 433Mhz wireless network. Also it can be used as for converting the meters, transducers, Data Acquisition modules, PLC data via RS485 serial port to 433 MHz wireless network and then transmits it to GSM/SMS/GPRS/3G/Ethernet network. It performs as a wired – wireless – SMS/GPRS/ 3G/Ethernet/RS232/RS485 gateway. The range covers about 2~5Km, plus WT-02 Wireless repeaters can increase the wireless distance.

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