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 We offer Variety of Metal Construction and Insulation materials.


 Trapezoidal (Box profile), Tile Profile, Corrugated (Wave Profile) sheets for Roofing and cladding


 Trapezoidal sheets are widely used single skin cladding material. 25/253, 30/250,35/200, 38/200, 45/150,    

 40/250,45/250 are the regular Trapezoidal profiles that are offered. Tile Profile and corrugated sheets are

 also provided.

 PPGI/ Pre-coated GI(Steel), Prepainted Aluminum, Prepainted Aluzinc is the metal.

 Mill Finish GI/Steel, Mill Finish Aluminum profiles too offered subject to qty.

 CLADDING - INSULATED PANELS (Sandwich Panels)     

 Insulation material (PU/PIR/ rock wool/EPS/Glasswool) is sandwiched between two layers/skins of metal

 here. The layer/ skin material provided is PPGI/ Pre-coated GI(Steel), Prepainted Aluminum, Prepainted 

 Aluzinc is the metal.   Mill Finish GI/Steel, Mill Finish Aluminum too offered subject to qty.

 The insulation material is put in different thicknesses and different densities depending of application of

 these panels.      

 CLADDING - SKYLIGHT / TRASLUCENT SHEETS (Transparent sheets for daylight) :

 Trapezoidal, Corrugated GRP/FRP sheets are provided as per the profile of the shed\'s roof sheets.


 Z & C Purlins of various sizes depending upon what the project /customer demands, Decking sheets of

 45/150mm (cover width 900mm) and 75/305 profile (Cover width 914mm), Loose Insulation materials

 Glasswool, Rockwool, EPS, Air bubble sheet, etc.),


 We do also offer Gutter, Flashings, Fixing accessories (Sealants, Screws, Rivets, Tapes, Rubber Fillers.).

 INSULATION MATERIALS: EPS, Calcium Silicate, PU, PIR, rock Wool, Glass Wool, Nitrile Rubber,          

 XPS, Ceramic wool, Fiber Cement Boards, MgO Boards.

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