High voltage earthing switch JN15-12

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by Hubei Jucro Electric CO., LTD.

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1. Introduction

JN15 12 kv series indoor high voltage earthing switch is a compositional type, and the technical parameters is corresponding to the requirements of IEC62271-102:2002. It is applicable for three-phase power system of 3-12kv, AC 50HZ. It can be used together with many types high voltage switchgear as a earthing protection unit.


2. Applicable environment

2.1 Altitude should not exceed 1000 m

2.2 The ambient temperature: -25~ +40

2.3 The seismic intensity should not exceed 8 degree.

2.4 Relative humidity should not exceed 95%, monthly average value should not exceed 90%.

2.5 Pollution degree:


Product Specifications

Main technical parameters

Rated voltage: 12 kv

Rated short-time withstand current: 31.5 KA

Rated short-circuit duration time: 4 s

USD 5555555
Price You Save
Price Per Units : USD 5555555
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