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We supply gate valves, also referred to as the sluice valve that opens up by lifting a gate/wedge and is at times used to restrict the flow of fluids as either it opens up or shuts up completely. When open it does not restrict the passage of flow and, as a result, it leads to low friction loss. Characteristically the rising stem used for visual indication of valve position, non-rising stem used wherein the vertical space is restricted and the bonnets, be it union, bolted or pressure seal, each one is designed to efficiently function as leakproof closure for the valve body. We supply gate valves of standard dimensions and also make sure that our manufacturers make use of high quality cast iron, cast carbon steel, gun metal, stainless steel, alloy steels and forged steel.Features: Low Friction LossStandard Dimension Attractive designsHigh-quality Cost, Cast Carbon Steel, Gun Metal

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