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The epoxy used by APRO INDUSTRIE was developed specifically for storage applications, in partnership with a world leader in the chemical industry. Our epoxies are therefore unique, specifically adapted to the constraints of liquid storage Caption: 

1. Reception of the raw steel 2. Drilling and cutting of sheets 3. Shot blasting 4. Bending 5. Degreasing 6. Rinsing 7. Drying 8. Preheating before coating 9. Applied epoxy coating 10. Hardening 11. Application of a Polyester coating over 12. Polymerization 13. Voltmeter test 14. Packing 
TEST: Throughout this process, sample testing is performed. All of the steps are carried out in a controlled atmosphere: humidity, dust, temperature, etc.
The choice of coating, the method used in their application and the quality control tests provide our tanks with unequaled anti-corrosion protection. Compared to field applied coatings, our factory coated tanks have a significantly longer lifespan.
 Apro Industrie offers 2 ranges of epoxy coated steels: • An industrial range to meet most industrial and municipal needs • A “Severe Duty” range for the most extreme applications. 

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