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EN40B (722M24) is a chromium-molybdenum based engineering steel grade from Thames Stockholders which is often delivered in the hardened and tempered condition. It benefits from good wear resistance and high fatigue strength. This can increase a tensile strength of up to 1075 N/mm². Nitriding yields a hard and wear resistant casing resulting in an engineering material which delivers good fatigue and shock resistance. The nitriding process is usually performed at a comparatively low temperature which brings about a scale-free surface with minimal distortion.

EN40B (722M24) can function in atmospheres of up to 500 °C before any loss in surface hardness is noticed. EN40B is delivered in the hardened and tempered ‘T’ condition. This nitriding steel also offers a good combination of toughness and ductility. When supplied in the ‘T’ condition, EN40B is ideal for applications necessitating high creep resistance and high tensile strength.

EN40B (722M24) has become a widely used engineering material in industries such as automotive, textiles, and aerospace. It is also widely used by billet crankshaft manufacturers.

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EN40B (722M24) is delivered in the ‘T’ condition. Examples of commercial application are listed below: Crankshafts and gears Spindles and pins Gear wheels Compressor discs Cams, pinions, and gudgeon pins Used in aerospace, automotive, textile, and general engineering applications

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