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  • A cargo latch is a vital component used in the transportation and logistics industry to secure cargo and prevent it from shifting or falling during transit. It is designed to provide a reliable and robust mechanism to secure loads in trucks, trailers, or shipping containers. The cargo latch typically consists of a durable locking mechanism that engages with hooks, loops, or tie-down points on the cargo or the vehicle itself.

    Cargo latches are essential for maintaining the integrity and stability of the load, especially during road, rail, or sea transport. They help prevent accidents, damage to goods, and potential injury to personnel by keeping the cargo securely in place. The latch's strong construction and reliable locking system ensure that the load remains stable, even when subjected to vibrations, sudden stops, or changes in direction.

    In addition to securing the cargo, some cargo latches also offer quick-release mechanisms, allowing for easy and efficient unloading. This feature saves time and enhances operational efficiency in loading and unloading processes.

    Overall, cargo latches are crucial tools that provide peace of mind, ensuring the safe and secure transportation of goods, and minimizing the risks associated with unsecured loads.
  • Extreme Duty Double Drive Industrial Gate Latches
  • Padlock can be accessed and latch operated from both sides of gate
  • Built in bolt cutter protection
  • Adjustable for openings of 3” to 6”
  • Locked gates can’t be opened even if bolts are removed
  • Simple four or six bolt installation
  • No drop rods required

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